About us

Our company was established in the 1950s. Its founder, Lino Dei Tos, is a man of action and when he embarked on this great adventure, he lived up to his reputation. Inspired by wood, the warmest of all materials, he researched, developed and innovated, continuously asking himself questions and never satisfied until he found the answer.

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The company

Today Italparchetti is a leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring. Its products are of the highest quality and it continues the company’s tradition of research and innovation.

100% Made in Italy

A company’s reputation depends just as much on the quality of its products as on the reliability of its services: products of recognised and certified quality accompanied by first-class service.

This is what makes Italparchetti the best in its field, guaranteeing solutions for all your needs, prompt delivery and transparency in its information: a company that represents the very best of Made in Italy.

Certificato di qualità
Immagine di un bosco rappresentativa degli oli e cere ecologiche che vengono utilizzate da Italparchetti

Oils and eco-friendly waxes

We should all stop a moment and acknowledge the wonders of Nature that are around us. Our company is a firm believer in this, so sources all its wood from forests whose growth is carefully controlled. The oils and eco-friendly waxes we use to finish many of our products do not contain biocide active ingredients, so are harmless to man, animals and plants. We recycle the waste, sawdust and shavings produced in our factory and no hydrocarbons whatsoever are used in our processes. We are well aware how much we owe to the wonder of Nature and show our gratitude by respecting it.


Whatever you need, we’re here to help you find it, we always deliver on time and are transparent in the information we give you; this is our way of doing business because our first-class service is part of our added value. A company’s reputation depends just as much on the reliability of its services as on the quality of its products.

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