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on 4 sides

This prefinished solid wood flooring has all the prestige of parquet in its most natural form. Contrary to those who think solid wood parquet flooring can be problematic, when it is processed and laid with the proper care and professionalism its features, quality and durability are superior to those of any laminate parquet. Italparchetti starts with the tree trunk to guarantee the quality and stability of its parquet. Our long, painstaking work begins in the forest where the wood grows, where we select the most suitable trees, respecting nature and biological renewal (in accordance with PEFC certification). The logs are carefully cut and processed into solid planks whose grain and colour are unique and one-of-a-kind. The wood is transformed using low-energy processes only (we recycle any waste and reuse it in the production process) and no chemicals are used. Lastly, the surface of the planks is brushed, planed and treated structurally and eco-friendly varnishes and natural oil waxes are applied.

Differences in colour

Since wood is a natural material, it may vary in colour and structure. These variations are more noticeable on floors where the surface has been treated to give it a special effect. With the exception of a few species and depending on its exposure to light, wood also becomes darker over time. Colours may therefore differ from samples or photographs, which are always given purely as an indication.


Wooden flooring is dried until its moisture content is between 7% and 11%. In environments where relative humidity is between 40% and 60% (considered healthy for humans) and the temperature is approximately 20°, the floor retains its natural characteristics and is not subject to obvious stress. When the environment is too dry or damp, it can cause shrinkage or swelling that can be serious and irreparable.

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