Antico italiano

from 16 to 18 mm



Laying system

Tongue and groove


Immagine di anteprima del prodotto rovere antico seconda patina Collezione Antico Italiano

Rovere antico second patina

Immagine di anteprima del prodotto Larice antico seconda patina Collezione Antico Italiano

Larice antico second patina

Immagine di anteprima del prodotto Rovere antico prima patina Collezione Antico Italiano

Rovere antico first patina

Italparchetti, a well-established Italian parquet flooring company, is proud to present a new collection of floorboards and panels crafted from old wood. The idea is to give ancient boards reclaimed from historic sites, and dating back anywhere from 50 to 350 years, a new lease of life, bringing out the splendid colours and hues that only come from time. State-of-the-art building techniques and the experience and skill of craftsmen who love their work go into adapting these precious boards to modern dwellings. Layers of fine old wood are dried, thoroughly treated for woodworm, glued with vinyl adhesives onto a fir base and then tongued and grooved all round. This is followed by various types of work on the surface of the board, such as filling, cleaning, brushing or planing by hand; in this case the craftsman’s skill comes truly into its own when sculpting and smoothing the fibres and the knots of the wood so that it looks and feels superb. The last stage is to treat the board with a water-based varnish to give natural, attractive and lasting protection. Every order we carry out is to specific request and every detail can therefore be agreed in advance so the customer’s tastes and requirements are fully satisfied. Due to the particular nature and type of the raw material that is used, it is important to remember that the size and appearance of the boards vary and cannot be standardised; the concept of choice cannot be applied in this case. The idea is to retain all the traditions and marks left by time; every floor consists of various widths, lengths, at times even different woods (e.g. durmast oak and chestnut), as well as variations in colours, shading, grain, knots, repairs and cracks, filling, stains, black specks, traces of inactive boring parasites, cross grain, interlocked fibre, traces of nails or metals. All these features make Antico Italiano a unique and unrepeatable natural work of art; exclusive parquet flooring or panelling for a truly impressive and refined dwelling.