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About us

Our company was established in the 1950s. Its founder, Lino Dei Tos, is a man of action and when he embarked on this great adventure, he lived up to his reputation. Inspired by wood, the warmest of all materials, he researched, developed and innovated, continuously asking himself questions and never satisfied until he found the answer.

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A solid wood floor speaks of timeless excellence. A solid wood floor has a story to tell, its fragrance transports us into a magical, fairy-tale world and it embodies life in the forest, the dew at dawn and the intensity of the sunset. A solid wood floor is a unique experience because nothing can better the best.

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100% Made in Italy

A company’s reputation depends just as much on the quality of its products as on the reliability of its services: products of recognised and certified quality accompanied by first-class service.

This is what makes Italparchetti the best in its field, guaranteeing solutions for all your needs, prompt delivery and transparency in its information: a company that represents the very best of Made in Italy.

Certificato di qualità

Wood species

We source many different species of wood from all over the world and their colours range from light and neutral to warmer, deeper and darker shades. Their different features mean they are suitable for different uses and the wide range of tonal and grain variations ensures interesting and endless laying patterns and furniture options.

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European cherry




Durmast oak

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