Outdoor Flooring

from 19 to 20 mm

from 90 to 120 mm

from 1000 to 2500 mm

Laying system
with clips

Tongue and groove


Immagine di anteprima del prodotto Iroko Outdoor Flooring


Immagine di anteprima del prodotto Teak Outdoor Flooring


Immagine di anteprima del prodotto Ipé Outdoor Flooring


Beautiful and hard-wearing, quick and easy to lay, Garden Wood is the ideal solution for anyone who loves the warmth of a wooden floor. As time passes, you may get slight movement in the decking due to exposure to the sun and rain but this only helps it blend into its surroundings and look more natural. To prevent too much change in the wood that may affect its mechanical characteristics over time, it is advisable to periodically treat the decking with special maintenance products. Take extra care when laying the decking as wood contains tannins and extraneous substances (especially ipe) and their sawdust could stain pool liners or light coloured porous materials.

Assembly diagram

The planks are fixed onto a ready-made framework of wood battens. They are anchored down using special metal clips which are screwed into the battens. The maximum space between the battens should be approx. 25-30 cm (the ends of the planks must rest on the battens). The fastening system has been designed without screws on the surface for a flawless finish.

Differences in colour

Since wood is a natural material, it may vary in colour and structure. These variations are more noticeable on floors where the surface has been treated to give it a special effect. With the exception of a few species and depending on its exposure to light, wood also becomes darker over time. Colours may therefore differ from samples or photographs, which are always given purely as an indication.